Global Leader in Pharmaceutical Dispensing Solutions

RxPack is a leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Dispensing Solutions and a global player in pMDIs & nasal Drug Delivery systems.

Specialized in the development and manufacture of pMDIs and medical devices for the Pharmaceutical and Generics Industries, RxPack brings a wealth of expertise, know-how and state-of-the-art technology thanks to a 60-year experience in the Aerosol & Spray Delivery platforms.

A 50:50 JV between Coster and Lindal, RxPack is the result of the vision and long-term focus of two family-owned companies.

Coster Group: a leading multinational provider of spray packaging solutions and filling machines, owned by the Segatta Family.

Lindal Group: a leading multinational company specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of aerosol dispensing packaging solutions, owned by the Lilienthal Family.


RxPack is the reliable & innovative partner in Propelled and Nebulized Drug Delivery Devices for the benefit of patients and partners


  • People and Customers
    People and teams are key to deliver superior service and solutions to customers. RxPack grows people to serve better clients and their patients
  • Compliance and Certification
    Regulatory, quality, and certifications are embedded in our structure and processes
  • Resilience and Innovation
    Focus and stamina tailoring pharma innovative solutions in a fast changing enviroment
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility
    Respect for people and the environment for a better world


Your partner in Pharma Innovation and Change

  • Support the launch of originator and generic pMDIs with technologically  advanced drug delivery devices
  • Develop patient-friendly and easy-to-use metering devices
  • Introduce inhalation devices using 152a, the new environment-friendly propellant
  • Provide guidance in the fast-pace changing technology, production and regulatory environments of inhalation delivery devices.