Long Sleeve Actuator for KHFA & KBV Valves



  • Long sleeve mouthpiece actuator with protective cap designed to fit KHFA and KBV valves.

  • Available with stem block diameters 3,00 and 3,16 mm and different spray orifice diameters – i.e. 0,22 – 0,25 – 0,30 – 0,48 mm.

  • Customizable in colors, logo pad and spray orifice diameters (in addition to those already available).

  • Compatible with the most common spacer devices available on the market.


pMDI valves and actuators: RxPack is your partner of choice. Be it with a single API or combinations with two or more ingredients, RxPack has the right fit according to your inhalation formulations.

RxPack valves come with a dosage range from 25 to 100 µl, are suitable for solutions and suspensions and can be used in combination with actuators having different spray orifice diameters. The excellent sealing and moisture barrier properties make them suitable for use with different types of propellants, including the new generation of green gases, such as HFA 152a.

Full technical and regulatory support completes the offering from the early stages of development through full-scale manufacturing.

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